Vwdiff is a subproject of Jarsync, which aims to use that library to produce a visual differencer, where the differences between two versions of a file are displayed in a concise, color-coded form.

Vwdiff does exactly this for a list of URLs, each of which it will periodically poll to find the differences between the version last accessed and the current version. The program includes a basic web server that displays the data. There is a non-functional demo, which illustrates its usage.

There is a preliminary binary release, which should work out-of-the-box on any Java 1.4 platform:

File GPG sig MD5 sum
vwdiff-0.3-bin.tar.gz GPG sig 68e34186c5a7e9d9f25db4c66ac36440
vwdiff-0.3-bin.zip GPG sig d714d44ea46094f3687930eac074d2f4

And the current source code:

File GPG sig MD5 sum
vwdiff-0.3.tar.gz GPG sig e1f41638e506b7a39e764c37c359f4a9
vwdiff-0.3.zip GPG sig 3794cecb1394e6cb4a5ebd748e1d0d39

These files have been signed by Casey Marshall with the GNU Privacy Guard.